The world

Florin City is bounded by the sea to the west, littered with pirate-infested islands. Florin’s greatest rival, the city of Genovia, also lays claim to the islands, and the two cities have warred over them in the recent past. Currently, Genovia is under the sway of the Dukes from the Iron Empire, which has done nothing to improve relations between the two cities. Genovians have a reputation for treachery and double dealing, but an equally strong reputation as excellent sailors and warriors.

The islands are split into two main chains, the Florin Islands and the Corvis Islands.

Even more untrustworthy than the Genovians are the pirates who base themselves out of the tiny island of Malfi to the south of the islands.

South of Florin, as the plains open up into lightly rolling hills and wheat fields. This is the breadbasket that feeds the burgeoning population of Florin City. Many small towns and fortified villages dot the countryside, becoming more militaristic as one approaches the mountainous Umbrian border. Also dotting the countryside are the remnants of those communities that fell prey to the Black Bishop’s armies, ruined and abandoned, some for many decades.

Crossing over into Umbria, it is said the traveller can feel his life begin to ebb from his body, and the palpable fear begin to fill his mind.

Beyond the dark mountains, to the south of Umbria lie the last few remaining suzerainties of the Silver Empire known collectively as the Despotates, whose tenuous hold over the land is at risk, as their armies are fighting great wars with nameless foes across the ocean.

Also beyond the mountains, to the east, spread out along sea is the territory of Florin’s sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, the Serene Republic, whose thousand year old traditions are guarded jealously by her proud people. Mysterious and changeable as the sea itself, none can know why or when they act.

To the north of the Republic lie the dark forests and haunted hills of the Iron Empire. Several generations ago the Iron Empire invaded in a bitter series of battles that only ended when the Iron Emperor died, and his troops withdrew to choose a successor. Folk of the Peninsula quake in fear of the Iron Emperor’s return.

The world

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