St 9 Dx 10 IQ 16 HT 14
HP 9 Will 16 Per 16 FP 14
Speed 6 Move 6 Dodge 9


When Zetta was 5, she nearly burned her house down through wild magic. Her parents sent her to Mistress Stella to learn to control her magic. The mistress was a woodland wizard, and they lived on the outskirts of Florin. Zetta enjoyed the solitude of the countryside, though did occasionally enjoy visiting town to pick up ingredients.

One day, Stella sent Zetta into town to pick up a special package for her. When Zetta returned, she found that her mistress had disappeared, which wasn’t entirely unusual. But after a couple of weeks, the Guildmasters came to investigate. They couldn’t find her, or figure out what had happened, either. At this point they wanted to declare her dead, and divide up her belongings and even take over Zetta apprenticeship. So she grabbed everything she could get her hands on, including the mysterious package and a magic book to complete her training, and ran away to Florin Town.


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