Valeria Visconti


St 11 Dx 15 IQ 13 HT 13
HP 11 Will 10 Per 13 FP 13
Speed 8 Move 8 Dodge 12

Rapier – 15
Stealth – 18
Brawling – 16
Acrobatics – 16


Valeria was born to a sea gypsy family in the Southern Florin Islands. Her father was a fisherman, and she grew up at home on the sea. The youngest of 8 children, and the only girl, she was not coddled, and grew up to be tough and self reliant. When she was 17, her islands were invaded by the forces of the Black Bishop, and her entire family was killed or enslaved. She escaped to Florin, where she initially had to steal to survive. Her prideful nature, though, eventually cause her to run afoul with several prominent duelists. She was eventually taken in by Warren, who is teaching her proper use of the blade, which she is quite interested in learning, and proper etiquette, for which she has little time.

Valeria Visconti

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