St 12 Dx 14 IQ 12 HT 13
HP 12 Will 12 Per 12 FP 13
Speed 6 Move 4 Dodge 10

Savior Faire (Military) 18
Two Handed Sword 18
Intelligence Analysis 17
Leadership 17
Strategy 17
Tactics 17


General Richard Riminy, known as “Drago” (which means “dragon”) is the greatest hero of the Umbrian War. He was the leader of Florin’s armies in the field ten years ago when they turned back the armies of the Black Bishop. He was severely burned by the attack of the Bishop’s fire mages, but refused to leave the field of battle. He bears the scars to this day, but he also bears the honorific “Defender of the Republic”, only bestowed on three Florinians in all of the city’s history. He is one of Lorenzo’s closest confidants and advisors, and most of his time today is spent preparing for what everyone believes is the inevitable return of the Black Bishop’s troops.


Florin sarastrous